Serve Meals
More than 50 faith communities participate in DIMH, most by providing meals. DIMH welcomes volunteers to assist in the resource center, to provide shelter meals, and to donate needed items for shelter guests and resource center clients:
■ Volunteers are needed to provide meals in the shelter for approximately 40 hungry men.
■ Dinner is served at 6:00PM every day.
DIMH has a full commercial kitchen. Meals may be prepared there.
DIMH also welcomes volunteers to provide weekend breakfast or brunch.
■ There is food available to prepare, or volunteers may provide food—or a combination. DIMH often has supplies of canned and dry goods and sometimes meat to complement what others provide.
DIMH also welcomes help from those willing to make soup or casseroles for use in future meals. The kitchen includes a walk-in freezer for storage.
Resource Center
Volunteers are needed in the Resource Center on weekdays. Training is provided. Tasks include assisting clients with accessing shower and laundry facilities, registering for public benefits, applying for jobs, or learning how to read or to complete job applications. The presence of those willing to sit and listen to resource center users over a cup of coffee is also needed and valued.
Other Donations
► Food Pantry
Many residents and local families and individuals rely on the DIMH Food Pantry each month for their daily provisions. We welcome individual dry good/canned good donations as well as items from food drives run by local organizations on our behalf. Drop offs are accepted between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays and weekends. If you are unable to drop off or have a large number of items and need to request a pick up, please call (302) 736-3600.
► Housewares and Electronics
When any new person or family comes to live at Isaiah House, they are given a brand new set of (twin) sheets, towels and toiletries. We also help our residents transition from our shelter into permanent housing, and need a constant supply of household items to get these individuals set up in their new homes. We accept donations of good quality, new or gently used items for this purpose. We also gladly accept electronics in good working condition (computers, TVs, iPads, Phones etc.). Please call (302) 736-3600 to arrange.
Other Volunteer Opportunities
Our volunteers help us achieve the impossible. If you have time and expertise that you are willing to share with us, please let us know. Specifically, we can use help with the following: ​

■ Fundraising/community outreach■ Coordination/collection of food bank, housewares and electronics items■ Teaching Life Skills■ Support at the Resource Center■ Sponsor a Shelter Activity
We, at DIMH, know how important it is to build strong relationships with the people in our surrounding community. For that reason, we invite our community to come and spend time with us. You can sponsor a pizza night, an afternoon craft, concert, a movie evening, game night, Sunday sundaes, a book club - or come up with your own great idea and give us a call to discuss. The best times are 6:30 to 9:30 PM. The provision of snacks or dessert is also appreciated.
Please contact (302) 736-3600 to arrange.
Teach a Life Skills Seminar
As part of preparing our residents for independent, successful living, we offer ongoing workshops and seminars on life skills such as money management and budgeting, nutrition, cooking, resume writing, interviewing skills and stress management to name a few. If you are an expert in an area and would like to teach a workshop or class series, please contact (302) 736-3600 to arrange.