After Illness, disability, flight from Nazi Germany,

Mr. and Mrs. Jones on a move to a new apartment

Mr. and Mrs. Jones have been together for 27 years. During the past three years, they have lived in their car due to the collapse of their financial lives that followed illness and disability. Mrs. Jones was smuggled out of Nazi Germany as a girl after seeing her father shot by Nazis. They have both acquired Social Security disability income at this late stage of their lives and will soon move to a new apartment.

John acquired full time employment,

and now custody of his ten-year-old son

John was hospitalized for a time due to his mental illness. He has achieved personal stability that includes full-time employment at the Amazon distribution center, housing, and full custody of his ten-year-old son. His son is excelling in school and appreciates his father’s attention, as he needs to be challenged.

DIMH case manager works out improved

housing for Lizzie, a senior citizen, with a plan for saving money

Lizzie is one of the increasing number of senior citizens experiencing homelessness. She was living wherever possible—a tent, a bench, literally “on the street-“ and was unable to find affordable housing on her limited income from Social Security. She gained access to housing in a place with mold and peeling paint. Her DIMH case manager was successful in negotiating with her landlord to make improvements in her place of residence. She is now more stable and has a plan for managing and saving her money.

Jimmy rebuilds an important relationship with grandfather,

while doing well on the job and procuring needed health care

Jimmy came to the DIMH shelter as a chronic marijuana user. This was his “drug of choice” to manage his mental health. His case manager enabled him to accept the mental health treatment he needed and maintains contact with him. Jimmy was able to take prescription medication and to rebuild his relationship with his grandfather, with whom he lives. Jimmy has a job in a warehouse and is doing well.

Jane breaks free from domestic violence with four children,

finds local housing, while seeking work fitting her clerical skills

Jane escaped domestic violence with her four young children, spending her resources on a local motel for two weeks while searching for a path forward. She is applying for work that will utilize her clerical skills, She and her children are moving into local housing. Her school-age son is enrolled in school and in an after-school program and she has day care for the younger ones.

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